“Cheza Kama Samidoh, Huyu Ndio Rika Yako” Fans Tell Bahati To get Miss Njagi….

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Kenyan internet users have been buzzing about a video featuring Ms Njagi, a talented dancer and content creator, and Bahati, a popular musician. The video showcases Ms Njagi’s outstanding dance skills, which have garnered her a large following online. Fans have praised the chemistry between Ms Njagi and Bahati, suggesting that they would make an ideal couple.

The video in question is a dance challenge for the song “Nowe sweetie,” which Bahati is promoting alongside Joyce Wamama, a well-known singer. Bahati has collaborated with various dancers for this song, but his performance with Ms Njagi has drawn particular attention.


While some online users have applauded their performance, others have made jokes about Bahati pursuing Ms Njagi, comparing it to the situation with Samidoh, a popular Mugithi singer who had an affair with Karen Nyamu while still married. Some have even gone so far as to suggest that Ms Njagi would be a better match for Bahati than his wife, Diana Marua.

Despite the mixed reactions, there is no denying that Ms Njagi is a talented dancer and performer. Her skills have earned her a loyal following, and her collaboration with Bahati has only served to increase her popularity. As for Bahati, his performance with Ms Njagi has demonstrated his versatility as a musician and his ability to collaborate with other artists to create engaging content.

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