Breakthrough as New Details Emerge of Njeri Wanjiru, an 86-year-old resident of Thika

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The perplexing demise of Njeri Wanjiru, an 86-year-old resident of Thika, has left both law enforcement and the general public bewildered. On August 9, 2023, Njeri was discovered deceased within her residence, prompting the attention of her neighbors due to a noxious odor emanating from her premises. Nevertheless, investigative authorities suspect that she had been deceased for several months, given the advanced state of decomposition her body was found in.

As per available accounts, Njeri inhabited her dwelling in solitude, a place rarely frequented by others. Her familial connections were minimal, with no regular visits from offspring or relatives. In her domestic menagerie, only a collection of chickens and dogs accompanied her as pets. The investigation revealed that these animals too had perished and disintegrated on the premises.

The police hold a hypothesis that Njeri fell victim to a homicide orchestrated by an individual with intimate knowledge of her life and unrestricted access to her abode. Their reasoning suggests that the suspected perpetrator(s) were privy to the house’s infrequent human presence and consequently orchestrated their actions with a certain confidence in the outcome.

“By examining the entirety of the circumstances, particularly in light of her age and the conditions found on-site – including the extensive decomposition of over 20 chickens and her dogs – one could reasonably conclude that foul play was intended. It’s highly probable that the perpetrator, whether through poison or alternative means, possessed a close familiarity with her and was aware that the location rarely saw human traffic, thus delaying the discovery of the body,” explained the detectives.

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