“Birds Of The Same Feathers” Photo Of Karen Nyamu & Mary Lincon

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Nominated Senator Karen Nyamu recently posted a photo alongside Mary Lincon, expressing, “When you’re looking for classy ladies, turn to us. Here with Mary Lincon.”

A social media user hinted at a connection between their habits, particularly their hairstyle, suggesting that similarities often bring people together. They are both undeniably attractive individuals. The saying goes, “birds of a feather flock together,” and the company you keep can reflect your personality.

Another commenter shared their admiration for Karen Nyamu, mentioning how she has served as a role model over an extended period. Proudly acknowledging Karen Nyamu as the Youth President.

Furthermore, someone else noted a shared aspect of being mothers to three children. They humorously pointed out another similarity – a fondness for ready-made goods. As with any public figures, there have been both positive and negative reactions to their connection.

Nonetheless, their supporters expressed enthusiasm about seeing them in each other’s company. This interaction was a fresh sight for their followers, creating an element of excitement among their fan base.

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