Amount of Money That Policemen Contributed On Whatsapp Towards Mombasa Traffic Officer’s Burial

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Fellow police officers in Mombasa County have raised Ksh 200,000 within a short period of two days towards the funeral expenses of their late colleague, Marwa, who was killed in a traffic encounter. According to the officers, Marwa was a tough and dedicated worker who embodied the firmness required in their line of work.

They described him as a no-nonsense individual who was committed to his job and did not tolerate any form of misconduct. The officers shared these details while paying tribute to their fallen colleague.

The late officer’s death was captured in a viral video where a motorist dragged him for several meters on the road before dropping him. Shockingly, many road users who witnessed the incident took pictures and videos of the officer as he lay in agony.

However, the late officer’s colleagues have chosen to remain silent on allegations of extortion, bribery, and intimidation of motorists by their deceased colleague. The officer will be laid to rest on March 10th in his hometown in Migori County. May his soul rest in peace.

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