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Popular vernacular radio comedian ”Joel Mungai ” MZEE KIHENJO has landed a new radio job after he resigned from Kameme FM ,chanjamuka show.

MZEE KIHENJO, who had worked for the Kikuyu radio station for 11 years resigned from his job on a month ago

a close source revealed that MZEE KIHENJO landed a new job with one of the popular Kikuyu radio stations. it is rumored that MZEE KIHENJO is set to join gukena fm morning show

Kihenjo has become almost every kikuyu household family name. The name is a Kikuyu word that signifies ‘cracker.’ Kihenjo is a popular radio presenter at Kameme FM in Kenya where he goes by the name Kizangala. His full name is Joel Mungai. Kihenjo is a comedian and presenter at the Cajamuka Show alongside Muthoni Kirumba, a brilliant radio presenter.

Our examination has revealed that Kihenjo has been in the entertainment industry for almost thirty years now. During those days, he was popular but joining the radio assisted him with boosting the quantity of followers,who he currently enjoy. In the days of yore, Kihenjo acted as an older man who wore a torn suit and socks. Multiple supporters thought he was old because of the makeovers and how he walked with his walking stick.


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