” Alikuwa Wapi” Details Emerge of Where Maigo Was on The Previous Night Prior To His Death

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The tragic demise of Erick Maigo has taken a chilling turn, with suspicion arising that his assailant employed two knives to inflict a gruesome 25 stab wounds upon him.

This horrifying incident occurred at Maigo’s residence in Woodley Estate on the fateful night of September 15, 2023. Earlier that evening, Maigo had ventured to a well-known club in Ngong, where he mingled with three women. It was on this very night that he met his brutal end.

CCTV footage from the club revealed that Maigo was accompanied back to his home by one of the women. As they continued their evening, the sounds of loud music and laughter emanated from Maigo’s residence, as they indulged in drinks and merriment. However, the atmosphere shifted abruptly when concerned neighbors were jolted by a harrowing cry for help. Alarmed, they rushed to investigate the source of the distress, only to be reassured by the woman that everything was under control.

The unsettling truth was uncovered during the subsequent investigation conducted by government pathologist Dr. Johansson Oduor, who conducted a post-mortem examination. His findings revealed that Erick Maigo had suffered a staggering 25 stab wounds. Remarkably, it was noted that Maigo had put up a fierce struggle, as his hands bore no defensive wounds.

In connection with this disturbing case, law enforcement officers in Kilimani have taken Cynthia Lusenga Andayo into custody. She is now a prime suspect, having been one of the last individuals seen with Maigo prior to his tragic demise.

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