Actress Warigia,Her Real Name, Birth Place, And Her Career Journey

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Elizabeth Muthoni Njau alias Warigia is famous for her comedy and outstanding character as an actress in Kikuyu films.

Warga was born in Murang’a, Kandaara constituency. She is married to one man and is blessed to have children.

Wariga acts as the wife to Wandahuhu and her character as a harsh wife and clingy mother-in-law have made a lot of people relate to her content.


While still in her hustles, she met one of the Kikuyu comedy kings called ‘Machangi’ who introduced her to the entertainment industry. Later, they started acting and recording shows with the comedian, a development that saw them grow in a big way in the industry.

In several interviews, Warigia is quoted confessing that she used to be a drunkard in her young years. She said that she started the behavior with intention of meeting a man whom she could settle in life with.


Today Warigia owns a Youtube Channel where she posts most of her comedy.

She is known for Kikuyu films such as :

Maisha Ni Makwa,Warigia Mother -in law, among many others

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