“3 Minutes Meeting With Njogu Wa Njoroge And I Was Back” on AIR Mushaina Masta

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Mushaina Masta, a well-known Kikuyu radio personality, soared from obscurity to stardom through unwavering dedication and sheer hard work in record time. His journey to fame began at Coro FM, where he hosted various shows throughout the week. However, in 2017, an unexpected twist of fate led to his departure from Coro FM. He was let go after hosting Mercy Wa Ciama, who inadvertently aired an unpaid advertisement. This sudden turn of events left Mushaina Masta in shock, forcing him to swiftly reevaluate his life.

The news of his dismissal came right after his marriage, while he was traveling back from Mombasa with his newlywed wife. Despite the challenging circumstances, Mushaina shared the news with his wife, who steadfastly supported him in this turbulent period. With no steady income and the added responsibility of impending twins, life became incredibly tough. Fortunately, his parents stepped in to provide much-needed assistance during this trying time.

Amidst the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic, the world was rapidly transitioning to the online sphere. Mushaina Masta seized this opportunity, going live for just five minutes, and his return was met with an overwhelming response. Thousands of eager listeners tuned in, rekindling his hopes and confirming that he was dearly missed.

It was a turning point when his live video drew the attention of 1.5k viewers, and the following day, during a live session featuring a land seller, a staggering 3,000 people tuned in simultaneously. Mushaina’s popularity surged, and companies began reaching out to him, seeking his endorsement. By year-end, he had established partnerships with seven companies, each paying him more than 50,000 monthly for promotions. Encouraged by his success, he ventured into the real estate business, launching his own land-selling company and enjoying substantial financial gains.

In early 2023, a call from Njogu Wa Njoroge, a renowned Kikuyu radio host and the owner of Muoroto FM, altered the course of Mushaina Masta’s life once again. Their brief three-minute meeting in a hotel left Mushaina with a sense of anticipation. Njogu offered him the opportunity to host the station’s premier drive-time show, and just like that, Mushaina Masta returned to the airwaves, embarking on a new chapter of his flourishing career.

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